SC6: MVP voters have a unique challenge this season

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill break down the competition for the NBA MVP and why Smith believes James Harden will edge out the rest


SC6: Brady will ‘defy perceptions’

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill agree on SC6 that the end of Tom Brady’s career is nowhere near, especially considering his health


Reese Waters has the perfect solution for the Georgetown Hoyas’ woes

The team needs an experienced hope giver on the Hilltop — here’s who could help


Oscar Robertson is pulling for Westbrook on reaching season-long triple-double

But he’s superexcited about Crispus Attucks playing in the Indiana state basketball championship


SC6: Kobe knew he had to separate from Shaq

Kobe Bryant looks back at his Lakers’ relationship with Shaq and says it was very important for him to prove he could win a title without him


SC6: Kobe calls minimized schedule ‘a viable option’

Kobe Bryant joins SC6 to discuss how he conserved energy during his career and understands the frustrations fans have for buying tickets to games where stars sit out


SC6: Kobe admits he’s out of the basketball loop

Kobe Bryant tells Michael Smith and Jemele Hill that it wasn’t until a month ago when he realized he didn’t have the NBA package on his television at home


Empire Recap: Remy Ma unleashes for Lucious but Cookie has the last blast

The passion and fire are at an all-time high for Empire’s power couple

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