HBCU Football

‘Friendships go out the window’ at the Magic City Classic

These bands show fans what rivalry means in HBCU Classic football

Preparation for the Magic City Classic began months ago — when the Alabama sun was at its hottest.

The Magic City Classic, the almost 80-year-old matchup between in-state rivals Alabama A&M and Alabama State University, is truly the only game that matters for members of Alabama A&M’s Marching Maroon & White and ASU’s Mighty Marching Hornets.

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“We all know each other — ’cause most of us live here,” said Norris Holimon, head drum major for the Mighty Marching Hornets. “But when it’s Magic City Classic time, all friendships go out the window.”

Given exclusive access, The Undefeated tagged alongside both bands as they prepared for the biggest and most meaningful performance of their respective seasons.