X Games

The Ramp-up: Chad Kerley gets ready for the X Games

Kerley shows us his workout routine and talks black representation in BMX Freestyle

Chad Kerley, better known as CK, is no stranger to the X Games. As a gold medalist back in 2013, he’s built a solid career for himself. But after placing seventh and eighth in the past two competitions, he’s looking to end his title drought this year.

The San Diego native is still based in his hometown, but these days he does a whole lot more than ride. As part of his workout routine, he gets with a personal trainer, who helps him on everything from agility to core strength. Kerley believes it gives him an extra advantage when it’s time for the big events, and in general he knows that hitting the skate park isn’t the only way to improve as an athlete.

We spent the day checking out his workout routine, talking about being a black rider in a sport with not many people of color and, of course, hitting his local park as he gets ready to compete at X Games Minneapolis on July 13.