The view from the Hilltop: NCAA or bust

Howard University tries to end 25 years of basketball futility by making it to the tournament

The Undefeated is launching a video and text series that follows the Howard University men’s basketball team throughout the 2016-17 season as it attempts to return to the NCAA tournament for the first time in 25 years.

The team is led by senior James Daniel, the leading scorer in major college basketball last season. Daniel is hopeful another standout season is a springboard to the NBA. The university is hoping that a balanced, veteran team can help Howard win the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and, equally importantly, give this city school a reputation for excellent basketball.

The goal, according to athletic director Kery Davis, is to create rivalries with Georgetown and Maryland, not just Hampton and Norfolk State. This series, which will appear weekly once the season begins on Nov. 11, will also look at the difference in pursuing athletics at a historically black university. It follows the Bison from preseason workouts to their season opener at Michigan to their do-or-die conference schedule. Much is at stake for Daniel, the team, and Howard’s goal of a stronger athletic reputation.