State of the Black Athlete

Dear Black Athlete: Maya Moore

Four-time WNBA champion and dedicated social justice warrior Maya Moore talks to The Undefeated

Dear Black Athlete,

Don’t ever forget that you are a citizen — a part of a community.

With being an athlete there comes privilege and responsibility, mainly the responsibility to never stop seeking to understand your fellow citizen and neighbor — more importantly, the ones who aren’t exactly like you.

This has been my journey as I’ve stepped into the world of mass incarceration in America and how this phenomenon has unfairly impacted black and brown men and families.

I’ve witnessed double standards and unchecked power in our home of the United States, and I’m moved to act.

Maya Moore for The Undefeated and ESPN The Mag’s collaboration on the State of the Black Athlete

The basketball powerhouse also sat down with The Undefeated’s Jemele Hill for Dear Black Athlete, a series of conversations featuring prominent African-American athletes, and civic and community leaders, on Feb. 11, at 8 p.m. EST on ESPN. Here’s a small part of their powerful interview.