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Mr. Reliable: Kevin Durant is My Brother’s Keeper’s secret weapon

KD’s latest philanthropic effort provides basketball courts for students

Nearly a month before Kevin Durant shocked the sports world by signing with the Golden State Warriors, the superstar forward was also the center of attention.

The 2014 MVP was the guest of honor at a special My Brother’s Keeper event held at the White House on June 8. Durant announced his partnership with the initiative in the battle to combat chronic absenteeism in schools. Data has shown that 18 percent of all high school students are chronically absent. Durant’s foundation has pledged new and renovated basketball courts to various communities that are a part of the MBK Success Mentors Initiative.

The Undefeated witnessed the event that also included Roc Nation and STATE Bags pledging their support as well. Correspondent Justin Tinsley spoke with Broderick Johnson, the White House cabinet secretary, assistant to the president and chairman of the MBK Task Force, about the initiative.

This video was produced by Osman Noor.