Athlete Activism

N.C. A&T coach Rod Broadway on activism in sports: ‘I’d stand right there with them’

As a football coach and mentor to young African-American student-athletes for more than three decades, Rod Broadway understands that his job is much more than X’s and O’s. “I can help them become better football players — that’s the easy part of my job,” Broadway told The Undefeated in an exclusive interview.

“Teaching them about life and becoming a man, that’s the hard part — but it’s the most important part,” continued Broadway, North Carolina A&T University’s coach since 2011. In a broad-ranging conversation, Broadway talked about the renewed sense of activism in sports that started with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and the divide on both sides of the protest conversation.

Asked whether he’d support his players if they decided to band together in an effort to raise awareness about social injustices affecting young African-American men, Broadway didn’t hesitate: “I’d stand right there with them.”