X Games

Samarria Brevard, a pro skateboarder and star on the rise, prepares for X Games

We spent a day with the powerful skateboarder

At first sight, Samarria Brevard is not an intimidating character.

But when she gets on her board, that’s when things change. Hailing from Riverside, California, the pro skateboarder has recently been making appearances on Viceland and is looking to tear it up at X Games Minneapolis 2017 this week. We caught up with her in the Inland Empire, where she introduced us to acai bowls — which are incredible, by the way — and talked about what life has been like since she decided to start taking better care of her body overall. She’s a legend at her local skate park but isn’t too cool for school. All the kids there are on a first-name basis with her, and her down-to-earth vibe is clearly infectious.

An expert at 360 Kickflips down stair sets and a lover of acai bowls: Meet pro skateboarder Samarria Brevard.