The Stop: Wrenching stories of humiliation and even death for ‘driving while black’

An NFL star, a wealthy investor, a federal judge and a small-business owner — four perspectives on unhappy encounters with police

Retired NFL star Anquan Boldin; Robert F. Smith, the nation’s wealthiest African-American; Robert L. Wilkins, a federal appeals court judge; and Daniel Magos, a contractor from Phoenix, talk about how common it is for police to stop people of color for little or no reason and the lasting effects those stops have on their lives.

The Undefeated teamed up with National Geographic to ask people across the U.S. what it’s like to be racially profiled during a traffic stop, and the ripple effect such incidents can have on families and communities. For more on this topic in The Undefeated, click here. This report also appears in the April issue of National Geographic magazine and online at