Practice Squad

Why college football players should sit out bowl games

‘Practice Squad’: Week 13

Hosted by our senior writer and former NFL cornerback Domonique Foxworth, Practice Squad is a weekly variety show inspired by our love of the game and filtered through our awkward, subversive minds. This is not your average weekly NFL recap show.

This week’s episode features the following segments:

  • Takes ‘R’ Us: Do college football players benefit from playing in bowl games? Domonique debates his new nemesis, Coach Earl.
  • Shutdown Corner: Sometimes Domonique’s passion for the game of football can come off as a bit aggressive to his colleagues, especially when they are making small talk while working late.
  • The Extra Point: Domonique offers his insight on the $89 million the NFL will donate to social justice causes, and whether it was a good deal for demonstrators.

We are the overlooked, the underappreciated and the overzealous.

We are the Practice Squad.