Can RJ Barrett be better than his NBA godfather?

While growing up in Canada, the projected top-five pick was inspired by Steve Nash

Solvan Naim Culture

A dog’s life is turning out OK for Slick Naim

Co-star of ‘It’s Bruno!’ talks about his dogs, his music and reclaiming his ChapStick

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Davis trade shows how much power players hold in today’s free agency

The shift has been years in the making since the days of Oscar Robertson

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The Roundtable: Raiders, Warriors leaving Oakland, dehumanizing of players and black trauma of ‘When They See Us’

Are Toronto Raptors fans as ruthless as the Beyhive?

Tupac Shakur Live In Concert Culture

2Pac’s birthday, GOATs and how we get hip-hop wrong

Tupac’s place in hip-hop history was never about being the best rapper. It was always about his artistry.

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