A tale of two covers

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant don different looks

3:30 PMThe best storyline of the NBA season, for my money, is going to be Russell Westbrook’s coming out party in Oklahoma City. Now that Kevin Durant is gone, the Southern California native can fully express himself without being in the shadow of his teammate. Of course, this will take on many forms. He might just end up as the MVP of the league because he basically doesn’t have to pass to anyone. But that’s only on the court.

Off the court, Westbrook has made his mark as a fashion icon. His game-day outfits were often the most interesting parts of watching the Thunder play last season. His style is not “I happen to employ/am friends with/related to a good stylist.” It’s more “I wear whatever tf I want because that’s what cool people do,” and we’re here for it. Durant has had his style moments, as well, for sure. The backpacks everywhere thing was something he popularized, and his sneakers have had all sorts of fire colorways for years.

But this week, both players released magazine covers with two ENTIRELY different looks. We’ll start with Westbrook.

There’s a couple of things here. First, I need that basketball. Forget the clothes. If you come to the court with a leopard skin rock, ready to ball, you are automatically the man. Secondly, let’s talk about his jewelry. That combo is solid, and as far as accessories go, it’s a far better look than something useless, like say, a watch. Also, switching up between the traditional link and the more standard fare plastic band is dope. It’s a look that says, sure, I might buy a bracelet every now and again, but you might also find me at a local music festival.

Anyways, there’s the suit, too. Personally, this is a lot. Three-piece tweed AND the tie? You can’t rock that unless it’s the dead of winter or else you’ll be sweating crazy, but his pattern game is very strong. Pocket square game could use a tad more color, but that’s just me. Point is, Westbrook is going a bit off-board here. We’re used to seeing him in slightly wackier patterns, so this boardroom forward approach is fun. After all, it is a GQ cover. His looks on the inside, in the actual story, are certainly worth checking out, too.

Now, let’s move on to Durant.

I mean, OK, pleighboi. Note the very regular basketball. And the very basic watch. And the lack of a belt. And the extra slim tank top. And the chain. If I’m being petty, this look screams, “I don’t need to be extra to be great,” which is far more fun to interpret as a direct shot at his old homey. Durant took all sorts of heat for joining the very team that last knocked him out of the playoffs, but who cares.

Let’s be clear. A friendship gone awry through team affiliation is EXACTLY the rivalry that the NBA needs. With social justice leading the way for what appears to be a groundbreaking season in the league, we will still need some on-court drama between players. To be clear, we like this Durant. But even more, we want to see Westbrook and Durant throw shots at each other personality and style-wise, never mind on the court.

Anyway, this look from Durant is him beating Westbrook at his own game. Cali Kev is ready to be great.