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Chris Paul is styling off the court with a men’s fashion subscription service

Check out his Five Four Club and seven other cool services

Fashion and the NBA go hand in hand.

Whether it’s the infamous ankle trend, hat swag, or the classic sneaker heat, NBA players give us all kinds of looks. There’s always the question of, Hot or not? But, few players in the NBA get it more right more often than Chris Paul. From being the leader of the Los Angeles Clippers to the president of the National Basketball Players Association, to a champion spokesperson and a consummate family man, Paul does it all with style. And now he’s the face of the 2017 campaign for one of the few men’s fashion subscription-based services, the Five Four Club. Move over Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, Paul is coming down the lane.

Subscription services make you take a style quiz. And then, for a fee, they send members style pieces based on their preferences. It’s an old model, really — “the same direct-to-home shopping experience as their grandparents — updated for a modern age.”

Five Four features stuff from urban swag to classic button-downs to edgy leathers. Paul has a summer, fall and winter capsule collection. For Paul, being involved in the development of the project was important. He and his stylist, Courtney Mays, were involved in the design and creation of the looks.

“Besides being one of the greatest NBA players of all time,” Five Four co-founder Andres Izquieta said recently, “he has really emerged as a fashion icon … the ideal person to convey the story that we wanted to tell with this campaign.” Five Four is the latest brand to enter the fashion subscription service league. Currently, the club has 100,000 members and counting. Below are a few other fashion subscription services to look into.

The Trunk Club

For both men and women, this service pairs clients with stylists who send a box containing selected styles, and for a $25 try-on fee, clients have five days to decide what to purchase and what to send back. All shipping is covered by the company. There’s no monthly subscription involved.


Sneakertub is a monthly subscription service that provides members with the latest shoes from Nike, Stussy, Puma, Vans and more. The boxes feel personal and can include laces, socks and stickers, as well. Watch an unboxing.


Men’s clothes only. Similar to Trunk Club, a personal stylist curates a monthly box of clothing. Clients only pay for the clothes they keep. Bombfell items are priced at around $89 per item.

Le Tote

For a monthly fee, Le Tote sends you a tote bag filled with fashion goodies. Members can wear the items for as long as they want and when they’re ready for something new, ship the tote back and be sent a new tote with new goodies. Le Tote is geared to women.


Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics, aka an “affordable Lulu-wannabe athletic apparel” service, offers stylish athleisure to those willing to sign up for a VIP membership.


Launched in 2009, Shoedazzle is one of the go-to fashion shoe subscriptions for women. The service recently added clothing. Some love it. Some, not so much.


Birchbox supplies a monthly box containing new makeup products ranging from skin care to full glam. There’s also Birchbox for men, which sends a monthly box containing skin care and grooming products.

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