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#RIPVine: The 32 most Undefeated Vines

From TerRio to ‘What are those?!’ to the only way to say LeBron James, we’ll miss Vine’s creativity

It’s a sad time for the social media world. On Thursday, Twitter announced that in the coming months Vine — a short-form video sharing app the site acquired in 2012 — will be discontinued.

The Twittersphere reacted to the news by creating the hashtag #RIPVine and sharing all of their favorite six-second video clips from the past four years. We’ll miss Vine for so many reasons, and now that we’ve had a full day to revisit all the oldies but goodies, let’s pour out a little liquor for Vine one last time.

Here are the 32 most Undefeated Vines of all time (Warning: Some of the videos include explicit language.)

1. When roasting a police Officer is acceptable



3. Shoulder lean to heaven

4. Don’t need teeth to hit the falsetto


5. Go, big lexi!