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What Had Happened Was: 5/23/16

Oh, you don’t know? We got you.


We waited until Sunday night for that? Raise your hands if you foresaw the Cleveland Cavaliers-Toronto Raptors series being more compelling than the Golden State Warriors-Oklahoma City Thunder series this weekend. Anyone?

And damn, Draymond Green. On a night where the man put up a plus/minus of -43 — the worst number anyone’s registered in the playoffs over the last 10 years that the stat has been tracked — there was one moment that out-kicked (sorry) the game’s coverage. Green said after the game he wasn’t trying to end Thunder center Steven Adams’ ability to have kids in the future, at least not on purpose, but Thunder guard Russell Westbrook quickly swatted away that notion.

Adams also said postgame that he “actually shed some tears” following the swift kick. To which we ask: Can you imagine how far LeBron James would leap if the same thing happened to him? Oh, we have video of that? Let’s go out live now to James:



We’re not exactly sure who will be selected to perform the Prince tribute at the BET Awards. We’re not sure of the song selection or sets for that matter, either.

What we do know is that BET has started off on the right foot, throwing witty and timely shade in the direction of the Billboard Music Awards, which had Madonna and Stevie Wonder perform its tribute (not that the frustration was directed at Wonder).

Well, BET must be able to see the future or something, because:

Yes, if you watch until the end of the 15-second video they released, you’ll see nine words form at the bottom: “Yeah we saw that. Don’t worry. We Got You.”

Oh, it’s on and poppin’ now.



The Toronto Blue Jays are baseball’s gift that keeps giving. One day they are taking Rougned Odor’s fists to the face, another they are bat-flipping and shooting baskets in the dugout.

Check out Joey Buckets:

And this bat flip isn’t Bautista-level-baller but it’s not bad, either:


Which of one these “What He Looks Like” tweets is the most accurate from this Warriors-Thunder series? Let us in know in our poll below:


  • Being an adult is difficult, especially when you’ve just graduated from college. But that’s why we have people like Blavity‘s Alicia Smith to pen a survival guide, so you can navigate this here thing we call life.
  • Your past doesn’t have to determine your future. Take it from 67-year-old David Norman, who graduated from Columbia University after spending time in prison on two separate occasions and being arrested so many times he “lost count.” This week, he earned his degree in philosophy, the New York Daily News reported, and works at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health as a research assistant.
  • Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald traveled the globe in order to earn his degree at age 32 on Saturday. As ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss reported, the perennial Pro Bowler majored in communications and minored in marketing. Before Fitzgerald’s mother died in 2003, he promised her that he’d finish his degree and did so over the previous 12 years.
  • Cynthia Erivo, the actress who plays Celie in the Broadway production of The Color Purple, basically blew up anyone and everyone’s excuse for why he or she wasn’t at work on time. Get this: She ran a half-marathon in 1 hour and 47 minutes per the New York Post, and then turned around to perform in the show. You go, girl.


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3. “Lavender Dew”



Check out our brother Marc J. Spears’ exclusive video interview with National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts. She discussed the “pathetic” state of women executives in sports, the lack of coaches and owners of color and the responsibility she feels in her role:

“When I sought the job, I was obviously aware being a woman was of some significance,” Roberts told The Undefeated. “But it did not occur to me that getting the job would be received the way it has been received. It’s wonderful getting letters and emails from young women of color, or otherwise, who talk about how impressed and motivated they are about my having the job. And so it occurs to me, I certainly intended to be the best executive director in the history of the union, anyway. But now I better because the thought is if I’m not, then there’ll always be some silly person who says, well, she was a girl.”


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