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Ink stories: Allen Robinson

The Jaguars wideout gives the backstory on his favorite tattoos

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson is a bit of an ink addict.

Tattooed pictures of skulls and religious iconography swirl over his chest and torso; ornate cursive lettering spells out a Scripture that keeps him grounded, through “learning how to live with the good and bad.” If something inspires him, he won’t hesitate to get it inked. He was so moved after watching Straight Outta Compton that he went out and paid respect to the hip-hop icons portrayed in the film permanently on his lower right torso. “I’m kind of into art,” the Detroit native said, “and using my body as a canvas, being able to create whatever kind of art or theme that I want.” And you can bet his hometown is represented on his canvas.

Robinson’s always thinking of the next tattoo. But his largest personal art tag is an ode to his most celebrated college football moment: a leaping, acrobatic catch during the waning seconds of a 2013 Penn State-Michigan game that paved the way for his team to get the W in quadruple overtime.

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