From ‘Moana’ to ‘Hamilton’: The rise of Jordan Fisher

Get to know the entertainer who can do it all

After spending a day with Jordan Fisher, you leave convinced that he can do anything.

The 22-year-old entertainer’s latest feat? Fulfilling his childhood dream by starring in a Broadway show, which just so happens to be the worldwide phenomenon that is Hamilton: An American Musical. He also sang You’re Welcome in a duet with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda for the Disney film Moana.

He can geek out over anime and Naruto one minute, then go into a lengthy rant about the dysfunction of his beloved New York Knicks, before pivoting to promote the health benefits of coconut oil. If we had to nominate whose picture to put next to “Renaissance man” in the dictionary, it would definitely be Fisher.

In the video above, get a peek into a day in the life of this rising star, including exclusive, backstage access at Richard Rodgers Theatre as he gets ready to perform in Hamilton.