The Roundtable

Roundtable: Is Tiger Woods invited to the cookout?

We’ve also got some thoughts on Beyoncé’s tribute to HBCUs and the spoof of Russell Wilson’s contract announcement

Tiger Woods’ epic comeback to win the 2019 Masters is celebrated by many African Americans. But some can’t shake the feelings of rejection because Woods identifies as “Cablinasian” (Caucasian, black and Asian). While he’s a sports hero, what is his role in the black family? Is he invited to the cookout?

The Undefeated’s Domonique Foxworth, Lonnae O’Neal and Justin Tinsley tell us how they really feel about Woods and weigh in on other news of the culture, including Beyoncé’s new movie, which includes a tribute to historically black colleges, Russell Wilson’s contract announcement and DeMarcus Cousins’ injury.