The Roundtable

The Roundtable: What kind of daddy is LeBron? And are athletes obligated to speak up for Baltimore?

Meanwhile, an asteroid came through the neighborhood and scientists were clueless

The Undefeated’s Roundtable takes on the hottest trending topics in sports, race and culture.

This week, the panel talks about Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers revealing that he is afraid of the dark. They suggest new names and logos for the LA Clippers, who are tentatively set to have a new home in Inglewood, California, by 2024. And they weigh in on the criticism directed at LeBron James for joining the layup line before his son’s AAU game.

Also up for discussion this week: After Stephen Curry and Grant Hill defended Baltimore after it was criticized by President Donald Trump, are athletes obligated to speak up for the city in which they play and live? And what about that asteroid that came close to Earth last week before NASA scientists even knew it was there? Host Justin Tinsley, sports writer Martenzie Johnson and ESPN analyst Amin Elhassan all feel some type of way about it.