The Roundtable

Special Edition Roundtable from the University of Florida, part one: Colin Kaepernick’s possible return to the NFL

Also, how does the media cover social activism and athletes?


The Undefeated’s Roundtable takes on the hottest trending topics in sports, race and culture.

The Roundtable hit the road this week for the 2019 UF Wasdin Speaker Series on race, sports and culture at the University of Florida, Gainesville. Two panels presented discussions on how black athletes use their influence through their relationships with the media.

On part one of the Generation Now panel led by NFL senior writer Jason Reid, retired NBA player Etan Thomas, Olympian Michelle Carter, and writer Cam Wolfe discuss the news of former San Francisco 49er quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick’s workout with the NFL and how the media covers social justice.

This event was supported by the university’s College of Health and Human Performance in collaboration with the College of Journalism and Communications, and the Levin College of Law.