The Roundtable

Special Edition Roundtable: ‘Snowfall’ uses the past to explain the present and the cast explains it all

Panel discusses losing director John Singleton

In a special edition of The Undefeated Roundtable, this week’s host, Undefeated video producer Tesfaye Negussie, sits down with the cast of FX hit show Snowfall, whose third season is scheduled to premiere on July 10: Damson Idris (Franklin Saint, a young street entrepreneur on a quest for money and power), Angela Lewis (Louie Saint, Franklin’s aunt), Amin Joseph (Jerome Saint, Franklin’s uncle), Michael Hyatt (Cissy Saint, Franklin’s mother), Isaiah John (Leon Simmons, Franklin’s friend), and novelist and show producer Walter Mosley.

Snowfall portrays the crack epidemic in its infancy during the 1980s while chronicling the federal government and the lives of African Americans and Latinos. In a two-part roundtable, the panel discusses the show’s relevancy in light of today’s opioid epidemic, the portrayal of black families and moving forward without director John Singleton, who died in April.