The Clubhouse: No days off for WNBA’s Seimone Augustus

The life and salary of even a star WNBA player often means going overseas and no offseasons

While the max salary in the WNBA tops out just under $110,000 a year, many female basketball stars spend their offseasons plying their trade overseas for double or triple that amount. Russia has become the top destination for talent, with billionaire owners willing to spend to build a winning franchise. For players like Seimone Augustus, this adds up to a career with no offseason, and time spent trying to capitalize on a profession with an extremely limited shelf life. We traveled to Kursk, Russia, to meet with the five-time WNBA All-Star as she wrapped up her season with Dynamo Kursk, just a few days before the start of her season with the Minnesota Lynx.

Liner Notes

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