The Roundtable

The Roundtable: Raiders, Warriors leaving Oakland, dehumanizing of players and black trauma of ‘When They See Us’

Are Toronto Raptors fans as ruthless as the Beyhive?

The Undefeated’s Roundtable takes on the hottest trending topics in sports, race and culture.

This week, the panel members discuss how the perception of black post-traumatic stress disorder has caused many individuals in the African American community to think twice before viewing the Netflix series When They See Us. The new four-part series created by Ava DuVernay exposes the breakdown of the U.S. criminal justice system during the 1989 Central Park Five case.

After Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant’s injury and the Toronto crowd’s reaction in Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and the Raptors, Durant’s teammate DeMarcus Cousins weighed in, and so did Durant’s mother, Wanda. Their responses prompted the panel to discuss the dehumanization of black players.

With this episode’s host, senior entertainment writer Kelley L. Carter, plus senior NFL writer Jason Reid and senior writer Lonnae O’Neal, the panel gives some insight on the exodus of sports teams from Oakland, California, and enduring the wrath of Beyoncé’s fans, known as the Beyhive.