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Daily Dose: 12/27/16

President Obama says he could have beaten Donald Trump in the November election

10:00 AMI’m still here. Clinton Yates is off on an international expedition with Raven-Symone, exploring the multiple continents of Africa. Let’s get to it.

Stunt on em, Barry O. President Barack Obama, who has less than a month left in office, appeared on The Axe Files podcast on Monday with former adviser David Axelrod, telling the host that he would have beaten President-elect Donald Trump had he run for office again. Obviously, U.S. presidents are only eligible for two terms, but Obama believes that had he been eligible, his progressive message and administrative accomplishments — namely the Affordable Care Act —would have resonated with a base Hillary Clinton missed out on: the white working class. Trump, of course, disagreed with Obama’s assertion, but one can only imagine this is the expression the current president had on his face when he made the statement:

Terry Bradshaw might want to walk back those comments now. The Hall of Fame quarterback put his foot in his mouth last week when he told FS1 that Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was not a “great coach.” Bradshaw, who won four Super Bowls with the Steelers, was uncharacteristically harsh on Tomlin, saying, “He’s a nice coach. To me, I’ve said this, he’s really a great cheerleader guy. I don’t know what he does. I don’t think he is a great coach at all.” The only problem with that is Tomlin, since the 2007 season, has amassed a 102-57 record, appeared in two Super Bowls, won Super Bowl XLIII, and has never had a losing season. He’s also won five AFC North titles in that span. Tomlin’s predecessor, Bill Cowher, also appeared in two Super Bowls — winning one during the 2005 season — but it took a decade for him to make it to the second one. Cowher also missed the postseason five times during his 15-year tenure, including three losing seasons. With all that said, a year before Cowher retired from coaching in 2007, Bradshaw told the Palm Beach Post that “the wonderful thing about Cowher is that he has a plan. Great coaches believe in their plan.” Two coaches, two similar resumes, two different outcomes.

The post-election stories keep getting scarier. This time, The Washington Post takes us to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a small town right outside of Nashville, which has become a microcosm of anti-Muslim resentment over the past couple of years. Despite a Muslim population of barely 1 percent in a town of 126,000, Murfreesboro has been the site of a proposed Sharia law ban and a lawsuit against the building of a mosque that went all the way up to the Supreme Court. What’s most unsettling about what’s happening in Murfreesboro — outside of targeted harassment at schools, places of worship and convenience stores — is how candidly offensive some of the residents can be. There’s the unnamed businessman who believes Muslims want to “kill you and take your wife as a sex slave.” (This man refused to give his name because he employs Muslims.) There’s also the elderly white couple that lives with their converted daughter and her Muslim husband who believe in a Muslim registry and don’t consider the harm that might come their family’s way simply for their religion. A few people in the story refer to their Muslim counterparts as “them.” The next few years will be difficult for a ton of people.

Winner of Monday: Former NBA coach George Karl

Excerpts from Karl’s forthcoming book, Furious George: My Forty Years Surviving NBA Divas, Clueless GMs, and Poor Shot Selection, have been rolling out over the past week now, getting the former coach into trouble on multiple occasions. But it’s the passages that were reportedly removed that made Karl a winner this week. Sure, this happened on Saturday, but I am just now getting to it, so bear with me. Anyway, Karl didn’t want those DeMarcus Cousins problems. Trust me.

Loser of Monday: Chicago crowd

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is a Chicago native and former professional wrestler employed by WWE. CM Punk infamously left the company in 2014 and crowds have been chanting his name at WWE events for almost three years now. CM Punk had his first UFC fight last September and lost in an embarrassingly two minutes, 14 seconds. WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon finally shut the Chicago crowd up for good on Monday night with this sick burn:

What to look forward to on Tuesday: Japanese dignitary visit to Pearl Harbor

Shinzo Abe will be the first Japanese prime minster to visit the USS Arizona Memorial battleship, where over 1,100 servicemen died during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Before we Americans get too pretentious about the nearly eight-decade gap, Obama was the first sitting U.S. president to step foot in Hiroshima — where almost 100,000 people were killed by an atomic bomb — when he visited this past May.

‘FIFA and Chill’ is the show you need to be watching

This week, they’ve got The Chicken Connoisseur

11:05 AM

The Chicken Connoisseur is well-known around these parts. His work in the food review industry quickly became the stuff of legend, but his latest stop was with a show called FIFA and Chill, which is basically a window into what my entire teenage and current life is sort of like. Show up, eat food, play video games and talk trash. It’s a glorious existence. And this is a completely brilliant program. For many people, this would be a far more effective method than Netflix and Chill for getting what you want, but that’s a separate matter.

As for the program, the fact that they just keep a screen up of what’s actually happening on the sticks is tremendous, as well. Two running storylines between conversation and gameplay keep things interesting. This is worth your time and the most in-depth interview I’ve seen with Elijah Quashie, who now has his own Wikipedia page. You can learn a lot from people by how the play video games, which is exactly why the show exists.

“I’ll eventually get around to America,” The Chicken Connoissuer says at one point regarding coming stateside. “Eventually.”


Daily Dose: 12/23/16

Viral video puts Fort Worth, Texas, under the national microscope

11:00 AMHope everyone is close to where they need to be to celebrate the holidays. But if you don’t have anywhere to be or anyone to be with, we feel for you. These times can be awfully lonely when your life isn’t where you want it to be.

The concept of “enforcement” depends on the person. Which is why when a woman in Fort Worth, Texas, told a police officer that a man had attacked her child, the one in the officer’s mind who needed to be checked was her, not him. The video of the disgusting situation has since gone viral and with good reason. It highlights just about everything wrong with the confluence of racism, sexism and police enforcement that we’ve come to understand as normal, finally. That officer is now on desk duty, according to ABC News.

Nobody wants to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Why? Because, well, would you? High school bands, major recording artists, you name it, folks are turning him down all over the place. The president-elect is even going so far as to offer ambassadorships in exchange for their services. He’s been tweeting about it, like the bully who throws a party then gets mad when nobody shows up and acts like something’s wrong with everyone else. Now, he’s basically trying to force The Rockettes to be there. ABC News reports on who will sing for Trump.

Are you a podcast listener? You know, we have one here at All Day. But, how people consume their various audio content is always an interesting question. I know plenty people who are all podcasts all the time. Heck, at the local NPR affiliate here, they created a broadcast about podcasts. For me, a podcast that’s not also a radio show is something I listen to when I’m doing nothing else. Jody Avirgan and Kate LaRue over at FiveThirtyEight asked people to visualize their listening habits, and the results were incredible.

George Karl is not making any friends in the basketball world. In his new book coming out soon, he stated that, No. 1, Carmelo Anthony wasn’t that good of a player and, No. 2, that players who grew up without fathers were more difficult to coach. Without getting too far into how absurd and problematic both of those assertions are, the reactions were swift. Kenyon Martin certainly hasn’t lost any love for the coach, and Anthony basically told the media that he’s above this foolishness. ESPN’s Ian Begley reports.

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Coffee Break: For all the up-and-coming music producers and editors out there, here’s a treat. Looplabs has created an online community for sound creation that allows you to do things that typically require a lot more resources from an audio standpoint. Check it out here, kiddos.

Snack Time: If you want to know how bad things have gotten in North Carolina between voter suppression efforts and gerrymandering, an independent report has ruled that, technically, what they’re doing isn’t even a democracy.

Dessert: Tiger, we love you, but please get your life.

All Day Podcast: 12/21/16

The best of 2016, breaking down ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ and catching up with Eric Dickerson

9:49 AM

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We had a packed house for the last All Day Podcast of the year as I, host Clinton Yates, Jill Hudson, Justin Tinsley, Domonique Foxworth and Danielle Cadet recapped the best moments 2016 brought us. From catching twerk to Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest to LeBron James bringing a title back to Cleveland to the last days of the Obamas in the White House and, certainly a highlight for all of us, the launch of The Undefeated. We discuss it all.

Two special guests also join us — David Betancourt, comic book culture writer for The Washington Post, to break down Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and Pro Football Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson sits down with Terrika Foster-Brasby.

Give it a listen, and if you have any feedback or show ideas, feel free to email us at allday@theundefeated.com.

Daily Dose: 12/22/16

What’s the best Christmas movie of our time?

11:45 AMAll right, kiddos, announcement time. Starting Jan. 8, I, Domonique Foxworth and Mina Kimes will be hosting an ESPN Radio show on Sunday mornings from 9 a.m.-noon EST. We’re very excited and hope you’ll tune in!

The other night, I flipped on the television to watch Jeopardy! A woman got the final answer correct and won, then I went to Twitter to see that she’d actually already died from cancer, as the show had been taped months prior. It was a shot to the gut to know you were watching someone who was already gone on a TV game show, but as the story got more popular, it felt a tad inspirational in many ways. Cindy Stowell is her name, and while her winning streak on the show ended, she donated all of her winnings to charity, ABC News reports.

People will argue forever about what the best Christmas movies are. I saw someone on Twitter say the other day that Jingle All The Way was somehow underrated, which is idiotic. Everyone likes that movie and always have. And we won’t be arguing about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie, because it is. Anyway, in the past few weeks, many people have been revisiting Love Actually for whatever reason. I’ve seen it all of once in my life, but FiveThirtyEight’s Walt Hickey and Gus Wezerek are calling it the greatest Christmas film of our time.

It feels like every day the Trump administration gives us something else to worry about. Today, he hired Kellyanne Conway as counselor to the president, making her the first woman from either party to win an election as campaign manager. Anyway, tons of people are worried that various rights are going to be rolled back, diminished or otherwise abolished, if you don’t look or sound like all the people who voted for The Donald. VICE’s Chase Strangio breaks down how LGBT people can fight the administration.

Duke’s Grayson Allen is bugging. For whatever reason, he tripped another player last night intentionally, which is just so lame on every level. This is officially a thing that he does, not just a mistake that he makes. So, Duke suspended him, somewhat of a surprise considering that Coach K pretty routinely never admits that his players have ever done anything wrong. Alas, this time he had no choice. I’ll tell you one thing, if this kid makes it to the NBA, he certainly won’t be pulling that foolishness anymore. ESPN has the story.

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Coffee Break: Some people are insanely racist. Like, beyond all understanding, they refuse to believe that black people deserve anything. First, there was the guy who burned his own house down and blamed it on Black Lives Matter. Now, we’ve got a guy who killed his own wife, and is blaming it on BLM, as well. #cmonson

Snack Time: I’ve said for a long time that Chewbacca is the most superfluous major character in the Star Wars universe, but this video of him singing Silent Night is pretty hilarious.

Dessert: Speaking of holiday music, Chance the Rapper and Jeremih dropped a Christmas album. Enjoy!

Daily Dose: 12/21/16

North Carolina is back to fighting over bathrooms

2:10 PMA couple of personal notes. No. 1, another episode of Locker Room Lawyer is in the books. Secondly, I can say I was glad to participate in the American Press Institute’s study on effective habits of journalists. Check it out.

When North Carolina decided to pass the House Bill 2 (HB2) law, the state took a huge hit. Companies, governments and some people in general decided that the Tar Heel state was a place that they didn’t need to be. People did not want to be involved with a place that was considered to be widely discriminating against the LGBT community, and with good reason. Now, lawmakers are reconvening to determine if they need to repeal HB2, which is known more colloquially as the “bathroom bill,” all together. ABC News has the details on that from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Christmas is coming up, obviously. We’ve been over the notion of why Santa Claus doesn’t need to be white at the mall, but the larger question of his existence in a child’s mind is different. I have no idea whether or not I’d tell my own kid that Santa was real. I’d like to think that I’d be tough and hit them with that truth serum right off the top, so they don’t live their lives believing in fantasies. But then again, what’s the fun in that? I can’t remember if I ever thought he was real. But VICE‘s Pascal Emmanuel-Gobry had no such problems in childhood.

Now that the White House has been turned a tad upside down, there are questions. Because with Donald Trump at the helm, it’s not like everyone else in politics just goes away. President Barack Obama will still be in Washington, D.C., and still be, you know, him. Hillary Clinton is still around. As will be pretty much everyone else who spent a life dedicated to public office. Which led the gang at FiveThirtyEight to wonder: Who will be the most powerful political person of 2017? They chatted about it and had a quasi-fantasy draft, as well.

DeMarcus Cousins is having a tough year. Not in terms of his on-court play, but it seems like every time he turns around, someone seems to be upset with what he does. On Tuesday night, he went bananas on the Trailblazers, scoring 55 points at home in Sacramento, California. But before that happened, he was ejected from the game for what appeared to be spitting a mouthpiece at the Portland bench. Then, they brought him back after they changed their minds. After the game, Cousins was extremely unhappy. ESPN reports.

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Coffee Break: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is going to be building annoying things that no one can really afford for the rest of our lives, it feels like. He’s now designed an artificial intelligence personality that controls your house, by doing things like playing your music and shooting T-shirts out of your closet at you. Seriously.

Snack Time: A lot of gang members have a lot of tattoos. Many of them aren’t really in a position to remove them all, because that’s painful and expensive. Check out this video of ex-gang members looking at themselves sans tats.

Dessert: The most heartbreaking thing going on TV right now, for me, is this story.