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Thanks, Keke, we love you for giving us the ‘In my feelings challenge’

OBJ, Ciara and James Harden, sort of, killed it

2:24 PMFirst of all, let us all take this moment to thank “Keke,” the woman who inspired Drake to make one of the top hit songs of the summer, “In My Feelings.”

The upbeat love anthem is arguably the best song from the newly released album Scorpion and has had people dancing and belting out, “Keke, do you love me?” since the album was released on June 29.

According to PopBuzz, “Keke” is the nickname of Drake’s first girlfriend, Keshia Chanté.

After the comedian Shiggy, who is most known for his impressions of Stephen A. Smith, took to Instagram to bust his moves to the song, the immediate result is the latest viral dance challenge on social media. High-profile stars such as Ciara, Odell Beckham Jr. and James Harden attempted to show off their dance moves for the #inmyfeelingschallenge.

So we ranked their performances from No. 5 to No. 1:

No. 5: DJ Khaled

For obvious reasons, DJ Khaled comes in last at No. 5. His dance moves had him looking like Pumbaa from The Lion King. This man’s dancing ability is the visual equivalent of hearing ICE JJ Fish sing. Khaled’s attempt at “shooting” was worse than Rajon Rondo in 2008. We appreciate the effort, Khaled, but as we like to say, “that ain’t it. “

No. 4: The entire set of Good Day L.A.

Stop. Please Stop. The whole set looks like a private school PTA meeting gone horribly wrong. They look like the Full House cast trying to do the Tootsee Roll. I can only imagine the disappointment on their kids’ faces.

No. 3: James Harden and Meek Mill

Harden’s moves were respectable. His two-step was similar to the drunk uncle at a Labor Day cookout who lost his knees 10 years ago. While Harden did not show anything spectacular, he displayed enough church rhythm to be slotted at No. 3. Having Meek Mill as a hype man added some bonus points.

No.2: Ciara

With all due respect to Ciara, she would have been No. 1 if it weren’t for her husband, Russell Wilson. Ciara showed out, as we all expected. However, hubby seemed to be overwhelmed by the moment. Wilson looked like that father whose daughter forces him to do a dance routine. He gave about as much effort as Trae Young gives guarding the pick-and-roll. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback acted like Malcolm Butler was in the background ready to steal another Super Bowl from him. Yet, I can’t talk about Wilson too bad. Sometimes you got to know when to hand the ball off to your teammate.

No. 1: Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ’s technique and precision were masterful. Every beat drop was on point, and his creativity level put him over the top. You could see every ramen noodle strand of his hair flopping to the sound of Drake’s voice. OBJ made the challenge seem effortless, and that is why he is our “In my feelings challenge” winner.

Here are some other notable “In my feelings challenge” videos, including Drake doing the dance on stage and even one from Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young, most notably known as “Swaggy P.”



Thon Maker’s embarrassing role in the Philippines vs. Australia melee

He was one of 13 players ejected in a scary brawl in FIBA game in Manila, Philippines

6:59 AMWell, if there is one thing that we learned on Monday, it’s that Thon Maker can’t fight. This is evident from the wild brawl that took place in a FIBA World Cup qualifying game between Australia and the Philippines.

The Milwaukee Bucks center has shown the ability to block shots and stretch defenses by shooting from 3-point range. However, it’s clear that his ability to connect on a right hook probably needs as much work as Ben Simmons’ jump shot this offseason.

Around the four-minute mark in the third quarter of the game, Australia led 79-48. They were well on their way to victory in the game in Manila, Philippines. That’s also when Philippines guard Roger Ray Pogoy threw his elbow at the head of Australia’s Chris Goulding.

At that point, both teams wanted all the smoke. The retaliation that ensued by the Australian players resembled something out of a WWE cage battle. And players from the Philippines were seen throwing punches and chairs.

Except these guys weren’t acting.

In all, 13 players were ejected. Fists, elbows, and objects that included a chair were used in the melee. Some even resulted to kickboxing as a method of defense.

Which brings me back to Thon Maker …

This man threw more leap kicks in a 30-second altercation than a ballerina at a Nutcracker recital. I don’t know if he thought his hands were off-limits or he thought he was channeling Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid. Either way, it was just flat-out awkward, and not good sportsmanship. But he isn’t the only one to blame.

In Maker’s defense, he is 7 feet, 1 inch with a 7-foot-3-inch wingspan. So anyone with any sense knows not to pick a fight with him. But height is no substitute for experience. When placed into imminent battle, Maker embarrassed himself on several levels.

His impact on the fight was equivalent to the impact Jordan Clarkson had on this year’s NBA Finals. Maker landed the same number of punches as Kevin Durant has hair brushes: 0.

This is unacceptable for someone of Maker’s stature. While Maker is an emerging young player in the NBA, it’s clear from this fiasco that Maker needs to get in a gym. A boxing gym.

Maker did apologize on Twitter.