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Tennis’ GOAT is pregnant, y’all. How will motherhood change Serena Williams, both as a person and as an athlete?


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She will recover! Watch and see!

Serena only knows one thing: how to dominate. I expect that will be the same, but I think her career will end sooner now. The motivation and long hours on the training court will take a backseat to parenting at some point, and that is more than ok.

Serena will have a new perspective and may well be calmer and more determined on court due to motherhood and marriage. The happiness that both will bring. But also because it’s another layer to her life and character, as well as the fact that she will want to end her career on her terms. She wants more records still and while being a mother and wife is great, it’s not a career or job ended for women. We and Serena can do it all.

Serena will do this the same way she always does—-push the baby out and get back to work dominating tennis again! GO REE!!!!!!

Most likely it will enhance her patience and generosity and it will ultimately end her athletic career. After winning No. 23 in Australia, the GOAT has nothing left to prove and will enjoy her new husband and new baby and whatever the spectacular future she has in store for her. Tennis was an awesome chapter, I wonder what this amazing woman has in store for us in the future?

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