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The Undefeated joined forces with SurveyMonkey to settle an all-time question: “Who’s the greatest black athlete of all time?” The people have spoken; do you agree?


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I can’t believe that Oscar Robertson, who some say is pound for pound the greatest basketball player of all time did not even make your list.

Muhammad Ali ranks 8th in “social impact”? No way. He has to be top-2 (case can be made for Jackie Robinson) or top-3. Steph Curry ahead of Jim Brown in overall rank? Don’t make me laugh. It’s WAY too early to put him there. Emmitt Smith so far ahead of Barry Sanders? No one believes that, not even Cryboys fans. Everyone agrees that Barry is the best in the post-Payton era. There is zero disagreement there.

Clearly Survey Monkey does not seem to reach far outside US borders. How else can you explain that Pelé and Ali did not finish first and second in either order. Not to diminish Jordan’s NBA domination in the 80s and 90s, but Pelé and Ali transcended mere athleticism, and changed the world forever.

I know u cant satisfy everyone but i would have love to see Jack Johnson, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods on this list….its a shame they got left off despite the significance each bought to their individual sport….if u have Steph higher than lebron, then kobe should be on this list..also i think serena should have been higher on this list because she has dominated and inspired many woman and some men to try a sport that most blacks feel isnt athletically challenging as other sports….btw i think MJ should have also been number 1

The list has proved my original comment to be correct, this should have been the 50 greatest African-Americans as with only two non Americans in the list it shows a stunning lack of knowledge of the sporting greats from the diaspora. It does not matter who was number where, maybe if there is such another survey it should have a wider reach of correspondents.

Ridiculous – MJ was great (top 20) but did not do for humanity what Robinson, Ali, etc did. These men are on a different kind of level. And to leave Tiger off – a guy who did more for his sport than most of this top 20…seems odd.

Wilt #26. Really!!! The problem with surveys is that most of the people who know are dead. And where is Tiger?

The BEST of The BEST, Fantastic Perfct!!!!!!! congratulations site!!

Kobe Bryant? Connie Hawkins? Elgin Baylor?

I believe Floyd Mayweather and Tiger Woods should have made the list.

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