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The “spare the rod, spoil the child” concept is pervasive in communities of color and used as justification to discipline children. What are you thoughts on spanking or whupping?


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I totally agree with spanking a child when they need it. Some kids don’t need it. Some kids do. It all depends on the child and the situation. As a child, I got spanked. I needed it most of the time. Some of my siblings got spanked much less. They didn’t need it. I’ve only had to spank my kids (a swat or two) on a few occasions. Different strokes for different folks. Some need it. Some don’t. What’s most important is that it not cross a line, and you always end with a hug and a conversation.

Spankings should be one of several tools in the arsenal. It should not be the most utilized, and it differs from child to child. However, your child should understand that meal is on the menu and can be served on short notice when required.

Spankings are appropriate… Only when you’ve exhausted all other options. I’ve spanked my kids, but it was necessary and I hated to do it.

Bottom line: the things I got spankings/whippings for, I never did them again. I’m 32 and I still haven’t. I’d say they worked, lol.

I have 3 children (23, 18 and 13)..I spanked my older 2 children but have not really spanked my 13 year old. Honestly, I’m not sure why….I think as I aged and gained more parental experience… I just learned how to parent effectively without spanking. I think spankings are more about a parent’s lack of self control and anger management than actual discipline. At least with me it was…I was young and didn’t have the patience or temperament that I have nowadays. Then again…my youngest is only 13…so the jury is still out…..

Depends upon the intent. If the spanking is to support a lesson that has been discussed with the child, I’m all for it. If it’s purely reactionary to cause pain and suffering to abuse the child…hell no.

This isn’t a contentious issue in Black parenting circles. The false notion that corporal punishment impedes the healthy growth and development of children is nothing more than the ethnocentric substitution of Black people’s long-standing and effective disciplinary methods with those preferred by America’s largely white cultural elite. However, these elites don’t have to raise their children to navigate the myriad, and sometimes deadly, nuances of everyday African American life so it would be foolish of us to defer to their “expertise” when deciding how best to raise young Black men and women in 21st-century America.

Times have changed, I don’t wish to teach my kid that if something goes wrong, lash out. What type of punishment I got{teacher’s’ paddle} and how I turned out is immaterial to 2017. For example, a teacher {or school armed cop} should not touch my kid, they should send him to the principal’s’ office and call me. The old days do not apply with the lack of restraint shown these days {while I wonder whatever happened with that South Carolina High School situation}.

There’s a difference between beatings and spankings. I spanked my kids, now 17 and 22. The key is appropriate punishment and mindfulness when delivering the punishment.

I gave both of my sons whuppings, a few times when they were young. I was the disciplinarian, by default, after this in our home. Once established then talking to each of them was enough; and of course I was used as a threat, which had the desired effect.

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