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The 2008 championship Celtics team has left somebody off the final roster for a vacation celebrating their victory. What do you think about the Celtics players choosing to celebrate their 2008 championship without Ray Allen?


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It isn’t like Ray Allen was clamoring for their forgiveness afterwards or gave them the courtesy to even let them know what his plans were, let alone extend an olive branch to them after. KG and Rondo haven’t spoken to him since, and Pierce even says he’s only really sent him a congratulatory text after he won the championship. If the last thing that happened in their relationship was getting scorned, why would that just go away? No one is saying Ray wasn’t valuable, but if the players feel betrayed by what he did, they have the right.

Why is it that Rondo isn’t bitter that he was left in Boston “alone” when Pierce, Garnett, and Rivers all left? Other free agents are being invited back to attend who also left Boston to secure more lucrative deals, increased roles, or potential championships. Why is there no malcontent with them?

What are they 5yrs old? This was 8yrs ago! Get over it, move on. Whose too say that Allen wants to participate or be apart of it anyways?!.

Me, I wouldn’t snub someone who played such a critical role in winning the first NBA championship of the “Big Three” era. I get the instinct to snub. I get the hurt feelings. But Ray Allen helped the Cs return to greatness. The whole city owes him a thank-you, and so do his teammates. The rest? Let him know how you feel. Hear him out. Then stay mad if you want. But invite the dude to the picnic. Seriously.

Sounds so middle school. Sure Jesus is upset.

Ray Allen helped the Celtics win their first title in 22 years, and left to get away from a player (Rondo) who was ran out of town at his last three stops. Pierce/KG/Rondo are overreacting.

They brought those three to Boston to get a championship and that’s what he helped do. Ray didn’t start out in Boston squash the loyalty part.

The narrative is Rondo v Allen. Pretty sure Garnett is the one saying “NO ray ray”. Its all about loyalty w/ KG. He felt slighted by allen. Rondo would do anything for KG and this just feels like KG’s influence over Rondo more than Rondo being bitter towards Allen.

Rondo has no class or gratitude. Ray took the rookie under his wing, put up with his immaturity, and after finding himself on the end of trade rumors in 2010 & 2011, could rightly choose to play for whoever he wanted to. The consummate professional, unlike Rondo – remember when Carlisle sent him home during the playoffs? The Mavs. Kings and Bulls will not miss this locker room cancer. I look forward to Ray being inducted into the Hall of Fame. I hope he invites 2/3rds of the Big 3. The Rondo malcontent can carry their luggage.

Read Jackie M’s article with PP in 2015. Even PP said Ray was doing his own thing the entire time he was a Celtic. Team dinners, hangouts, etc…Ray wasn’t involved. They would go to Ray’s charity events but he wouldn’t show up to theirs. Everyone’s situation is different (personal, family, etc) but don’t make Ray out to be a victim here. He abandoned ship, while he’s teammates stayed and sunk. Ray doing Ray. Can’t hate him for chasing rings. Can’t hate Rondo for not inviting him either. Let Ray be remembered for being a Miami Heat.

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