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Charlotte Hornets owner and NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan broke his silence on the recent shootings of African-Americans and the targeting of police officers, calling it all “deeply” troubling. The response to his actions have been mixed, from applause for using his platform to criticism for his past silence and assumed indifference to issues of social justice. What’s your take?


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I understand. I’m sure Michael’s parents raised Michael to “make it” first and foremost in society. And it is well documented that now Michael is one of the most recognized athlete globally for generations to come. My parents had the “forward thinking” of taking my brother and I to actually witness the signing of the Civil Rights Voting Act by President Johnson and Dr. King. On several occasions, I’ve been invited to testify in Washington on the Civil Rights struggles against “economic injustices.” Every chance I get, I go visit that same room of the infamous Civil Rights signing!

I think it’s great that Michael Jordan is speaking out on the issue, although I don’t like the idea being pushed that he is somehow obligated to speak out because of his superstar status and an NBA owner and because he’s black. It’s our nation’s political leadership which has this obligation. I do like that Jordan is presenting both sides of the issue, making it clear that it’s wrong to target police officers.

Michael Jordan has been Silent for too long. Racism has everything to do with this . Kids my age (17) are dying for his shoes. He is the best player of all time but when you are that high in the black community you should have more to say than “Deeply” troubling. You look at ball players like LeBron James and Michael Jordan looks small when you compare who did more for the black community. I don’t knock anyone’s way of getting money but Michael Jordan knows what’s going on in our community and chooses to do very little.

I think Michael Jordan has a right to speak up. He has the right but I think its more powerful because he’s a positive figure and role model to most people in the country. Especially that MJ owns the Charlotte Hornets and riots went occured in Charlotte so he wanted to speak up to keep his city safe and keep peace.

Insiteful, mature perspective. TS- Ohio

MJ has always maintained his own standards as a man. It is wrong to make any attempt to reject or cross a person that has continuously been a positive force in our society, in my opinion.

MJ has every right to look out for #1. He owes NOTHING MORE to ‘The Black Community’ than what’s he’s already given (you know, like be a STELLAR EXAMPLE of how to dedicate oneself to an NBA Hall of Fame/6-Time NBA Champion career/set numerous records….show corporate America that a Black man can be counted on to be the BIGGEST endorser of products in THE WORLD….dedicated himself to being an NBA owner… ADDITION to staying out of trouble with THE LAW). MJ has done PLENTY (by doing his thing EXCELLENTLY) to advance opportunities given to Blacks over time.

Michael Jordan is an American. Michael Jordan is a business man. Michael Jordan is a human being. Why is race even a part of this? If charitable giving is not brought to the public eye it makes as though that Jordan doesn’t give. He gives quietly. If you donate that is the way it is suppose to be. Don’t boast about it. Jim Brown has no business criticizing Jordan about that. Where does Brown get off telling Jordan, or anyone, how he should use his position, he holds in society? Same race doesn’t mean you think the same.

Thankyou MJ!

Thank you for your brave heart! It’s time.

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