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O.J. Simpson, Terry Bradshaw, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Earl Campbell or John Elway? Or how about Bruce Smith, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, Michael Vick or Cam Newton? With the NFL Draft set to kick off Thursday in Philadelphia, who is your choice for football’s GOAT No. 1 overall pick? And why? Who is the NFL’s best overall number 1 draft pick ever?


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Jim Brown & Johnny Unitas in football. If you’re too young you don’t know….

Terry Bradshaw won 4 Super bowls. He was Super Bowl MVP two years in a row. He called all of his own plays. He played in a time when defensive players were actually allowed to hit QB’s. He is the GOAT among #1 overall picks.

OJ was the greatest college and pro player I’ve ever seen. His rushing style was like no other. He seemed to be running to a tune that no one else heard. Earl Campbell was a close second for his punishing style but OJ made me watch football the way Sammy and Mark made me watch baseball. Wonderful to have been a witness.

How do you consider the best of all time in any category in sports? By how much they meant to a team. Peyton Manning has the stats and the rings to prove how much he meant to a team. He carried a lowly Colts squad to ring and a offensively subpar Broncos team to a Super Bowl 50 title. Manning is by far and away the best #1 draft pick of all time based on records he broke and what he meant to teams.

It depends on how you are measuring the success. Is it by championships, records that will never be touch, or the impact on a city the player had. Now with that said I’m going with the player that is nowhere near the peak of his potential n still growing and locking down stats Cam Newton although Vick changed the game and Bruce Smith the best defensinal player ever.

Elway and Manning jump off the screen, but Bruce Smith has a sack record that will probably never be touched. Don’t think any current player is even on pace, not even J.J. Watt

There’s only one choice for me! Joe Willie Namath. Because he played in New York, he forced the NFL into the modern era. His brash prediction and follow up victory in Super bowl 3 accelerated the merger and made TV money the driving force of the league.

Buck Buchanan, 1963, K.C. Chiefs: 1st and only player selected #1 overall from a HBCU school, Grambling. Leader on defense that went to 1st ever Superbowl, eventually won S.B. and Hall of Fame member.


Despite the years of negative press, life fumbles and personal turnovers, O.J. Simpson ultimately lived up to the massive hype he had and he did it IN BUFFALO. That’s got to be worth something.

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