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Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has opted to stand during the national anthem next season. Sources tell ESPN that “Kaepernick no longer wants his method of protest to detract from the positive change that he believes has been created.” Will standing for the national anthem help Colin Kaepernick get picked up by a team?


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Kaep as the quarterback for the Houston Texans is a very interesting thought. His style makes sense. Tom Savage is proven fragile – will not last long as long starter. The other free agent QB’s are not options in my opinion. Only issue is HC O’Brian, someone who fancies himself a QB guru – his record says NO!! Texans should sign Kaep, get lucky in draft and pick up Clemson’s Deshaun Watson.

Probably. But it shouldn’t. “If a man hasn’t found something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” These words by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are so true. Many Americans watched week after week as Kap DID NOT STAND and thought: here’s a man who found something for which he would die for. Now this doesn’t appear to be the case. He’s not standing anymore. This was not the hill he chose to die on. So let him play ball – and stand – if that’s what he wants to do.

Probably, though I’m not sure. I depends on who is forgiving of Colin.

Kaepernick showed he still has something left in the tank. That, more than his willingness to stand for the anthem, will determine if he gets a job. His year-long protest kept the topic of overly-aggressive policing in the public discussion. He grew as a person, honing his message and his approach, and has put his money where his mouth is, which he can’t continue to do if he’s unemployed.

Nope, being able to hit wide open targets down field will help him get signed by another team.

I am sure it will. However, he will still represent his views and what team wants to chance that he will kneel again? He is no longer a starter and his weight loss brings his whole career and legacy into question. Still, I support the brother. Gutsy stance. RESPECT

I didn’t like the anthem held hostage for the protest, but I respect the message. It was his choice to start it and rightfully his choice how and when to end it. I think he’s going to get a job. He’s a good man. Some say he disrespected the military. I disagree. He didn’t burn the flag, he donated time and money. Most embrace America for their own personal beliefs. America is in flux and it’s beautiful to see, like it or not change is here. The message is quit being apathetic and get involved.

Maybe. I’m just sorry he didn’t realize his stance last season was more than a season long commitment, it’s a lifetime commitment. Maybe he s/h reviewed how the careers of Curt Flood, Craig Hodges, Tommie Smith, John Carlos & many others were affected after their brave, non conforming decisions. before he decided to take the action he did. Social change is a marathon, not a sprint.

What positive changes have occurred? CK is a re-tread with little success the last few years. I guess he could be a backup somewhere, but that’s about it.

Whoever says that kap had no impact on innocent people being shot for no apparent reason other than they r black and scary is an idiot. His actions vaulted police shootings into a heated debate across America. The media and millions of Americans have taken notice and for the first time that I am aware of a police officer is going to prison. Regardless what u think about police 1 life unlawfully taken is too much. Laws will eventually change to ensure that all officers r properly trained. To say that kaps protest has had no effect? Wrong answer

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